Why us?

Why call Flag Overhead Garage Services for Your Garage Door Issues?

Operational Excellence

We have a prior conversation with you about your specific issues, so when we actually arrive at your home, we will have a clear understanding of your problems.  We try our best to complete all the repairs necessary in one visit.  Our customer service is equipped with multi-channel phone and email servers to record your requests in order to reduce the time-to-service as much as possible.

Performance Superiority

Our services include the best products available in the market.  We have allied with the most reliable manufacturers of garage door equipment and parts and utilize them in our daily service and repair in the entire Bay Area Community.

Understanding Our Customers

We understand that various garage door issues are urgent, and our customers cannot wait for long.  Our goal is customer satisfaction, and our social network of friends and referrals are a true manifest of our unmatched quality service.


Our services

Our Services (same day in many cases):
Repair - existing doors and parts Installation - new doors and parts
Maintenance - Openers repair and installation
Spring repair and installation
Hardware, Cables and Rollers
Hinges and Controls Accessories
LiftMaster, Craftsman, Genie & Chamberlain Openers
Opener Installation
Northwest Door sales and installation - America's finest residential and commercial doors


Garage Door Off Track

Due to wear and tear, or unforeseen accidents, garage doors may come off track either because the door hits something or because of a lack of maintenance. We can quickly replace or repair damaged tracks and get your garage door back to working order in no time.


Garage Door Sensors

Each typical garage door has two sensors located on each side of the door. They prevent the heacy garage door from closing untimely.  These two safety devices generate an electronic beam, when the garage door is activated.  While fixing or maintaining garage door sensors, the eye lenses on each sendors must always be cleaned and protected.


Damaged Panels

Although garage doors can be damaged due to impact or weather, many other relatively minor issues including panel scratches can be fixed with no need to buy a new door.  We inspect your garage door fully and verify whether your damaged panel can be fixed at a fair cost.


Garage Door Openers

Depending on what mechanical drive you use to lift your garage door, currently there are 4 types of openers on the market:

  • Chain-drive openers
  • Screw-drive openers
  • Belt-drive openers
  • Direct-drive openers

Garage Door Springs

There two torsion springs for each garage door that can either be broken or out of adjustment.  In case of broken springs, you may need to replace your old ones with new springs.  Sometimes, the tension in torsion springs must be checked to see if there is a need for spring adjustment.  In either case, adjusting or replacing garage door springs is a highly professional task and must be handled with care.


Professional Work

Flag Overhead Garage Door Services uses the best materials and parts for your garage door issues.  With a proven track record of many repaired garaged doors and satisfied customers, we provide you with a professional and expedited service only a phone call away.  At Flag Overhead, we fix your garage doors to last.


All About Garage Doors

All You Must Know about Garage Doors

Garage doors come in all shapes and sizes, and like any other piece of machinery, they need to be frequently maintained to function at maximum capacity. A typical garage door serves a number of purposes, with security being the most important. The kind of maintenance that a garage door will need depends entirely on whether it is manual or automatic. Most of the latest garage doors available in the market use automated motors, and require more in depth maintenance.